Production & Delivery

Made to Order

To try to maintain our main aspects about sustainability and strive for a more sustainable way towards our consumption behaviours, we believe that something needs to be done.

We believe that handcrafted production made by tailors is something beautiful and something that needs time, so that we can ensure that the feeling of good quality is evident to all our customers. Thats why the delivery takes a little longer then usual when you order a "made to order" product.

If you would like to make a special order we are open to help out.

What do we mean with special order?

If you would like to get some of our products in a different fabric then what it is made of from the beginning, we are up for suggestions, as long as we have the fabric in stock. You could for example change the fabric from the original to one of our fabrics that some of the other products is made of. Important to note is that this can be an additional cost depending of the fabric.

For special orders - contact us first at so we can discuss the proposal and find a good solution and hopefully produce the product you're looking for.


Order step by step

1. Place an order.

2. Get a conformation to your email that the order is done.

3. Your item/items delivers to you within three weeks, international orders with UPS and all Swedish orders with DHL.

4. When the item/items is shipped you will receive delivery information.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at Our intention is to give you an answer within 24 hours.

We ship all international orders with UPS and all Swedish orders with DHL. All orders are shipped weekly. Exceptional cases can appear and will in that case be informed via mail. 

Norbergsgatan 24,
214 50 Malmö, Sweden