We at MANÉR wants to be as transparent and helpful as possible when it comes to service and care of our products and customers. Our main point of being a brand that maintains itself as sustainible as possible, is what defines us all the way from production to when our products find a new owner. Its importent for us that the chain around consumption doesent need to be about consuming more. We want to slow down our consumer behaviour and try to make our customers understand that insted of buying a new pair of trousers, you could repare the old ones. In this way, we could be involved and try to influence the customers to rethink, and instead choose a more sustainable way and which is to repair instead of buying new.


As a customer at MANÉR you get all alteration for free when you buy a product at our webshop. If you know wich size you are and wants to make alterations, just send us an email with your measurements and the order number after you have placed the order, and our tailors will fix it. For those who wants to make alterations after receiving and trying the product, we suggest that you send the product back to us with the alteration details ( you make the measurements yourself ). In this case, if you want to do alterations after reciving the product, we unfortunately do not bear the shipping costs.

Contact email:



If you own a product made by us that needs care, we are happy to help you repare it, without charging any extra costs, you only pay for the shipping costs.


What you have to do then is:

1. Send us a picture of the product and info about whats need to be fixed.

2. We take a look at the product and see what we can do, and then return with an answer if its possible to fix.

3. Before sending us your product - its important that you have washed it.

4. Send us the product/products

5. We receive the product and make the alterations.

6. We send you the product back together with an shipping conformation by email.

Send your product to:

Norbergsgatan 24,
214 50 Malmö, Sweden

If you live nearby Malmö - Sweden you could come by our factory to submit your product to decrease the environmental impact from all shipping transportation.

We then use our bikes to deliver back the product to the right owner (if the owner lives in Malmö), otherwise we unfortunately need to use transport that could include a certain impact on the climate.